This story contains f/f discipline. All characters are over 21. Sawyer woke up the next morning with a small alcohol induced headache. She glanced at the clock and closed her eyes. It was 6:00 am and still dark outside, but she could hear rummaging around downstairs. She heard Reece’s soft breathing and realized she was … More Wildcard

The Game Part 2

This story contains f/f discipline.  All characters are over 21. The week of the championship game was full of activity as the university rallied around their hockey team. Cameron worked non-stop as she led the team through drills and plays. The whole team lived and breathed hockey for the week knowing they had one shot at winning … More The Game Part 2

The Game: Part 1

This story contains f/f discipline.  All characters are over 21. _______ Life had been a whirlwind for Madison and Cameron since they had finally made the decision to move in together. After months of searching, they had bought a house in Sawyer and Reece’s neighbourhood. The house was a renovated, two storey Georgian revival that sat on … More The Game: Part 1

New Story

Finally a post! I know it’s been a while since I last posted a story and I apologize that this story has taken so long (I had hoped it would be ready before X-mas). I’ve focused the story on Madison and Cameron so it’s led to a longer, more complex story then I anticipated. Rather … More New Story

Free Fall

This story contains f/f discipline.  All characters are over 21.   Free Fall is a continuation of Carter’s Injured. ———————————— Reece was making the bed when Sawyer entered silently and wrapped her arms around her lover’s waist and kissed her neck. “Anybody ever tell you how sexy you look when you make the bed.” Reece smiled and wrapped … More Free Fall

Christmas with Carter

“Sprints, now!” Coach Cameron barked at Brooke Carter. Brooke skated off without complaint, her long legs gracefully carrying her across the ice. At 23, Brooke stood 5”6 and radiated athleticism. Speeding up for the last leg, Brooke passed Cameron and gave a quick smile. Cameron met her eyes and gave a nod. “You’re getting stronger … More Christmas with Carter

Carter’s Injured

This story contains f/f domestic discipline.  All characters are over 21 years of age.   ————————————- Brooke left class and sprinted across the campus to Cameron’s office, her gym bag slung over her shoulder. It had been just over a month since Brooke had been disciplined for skipping hockey practice and she had regained all … More Carter’s Injured