Free Fall

This story contains f/f discipline.  All characters are over 21.  

Free Fall is a continuation of Carter’s Injured.


Reece was making the bed when Sawyer entered silently and wrapped her arms around her lover’s waist and kissed her neck. “Anybody ever tell you how sexy you look when you make the bed.”

Reece smiled and wrapped her fingers over Sawyer’s, “oh you think that’s sexy do you? You should see what I can do in the bed.”

Gasping, Sawyer moved to face Reece and looked inquiringly, “do we have time…?”

Reece barely touched Sawyer as she traced her fingers along her collarbone, slowly moving them down until they grazed her nipple. A soft gasp escaped Sawyer’s mouth, her body responding instantly. “Baby I don’t think time will be a problem, you won’t take long.”

Brooke was studying at her desk when a sharp knock on the door startled her. She slammed her notebook closed before spinning the chair to face the door, “what!?” Waiting all week for the MRI results had been stressful and being grounded had only served to worsen her mood.

The door swung open to reveal a less than pleased Reece. With one eyebrow raised, Reece folded her arms. “Excuse me?”

Brooke shifted under the older women’s gaze but remained silent. Reece glanced at her watch; I guess Sawyer and I will be late after all she thought. “Brooklyn, do you think saying what is an appropriate way to answer the door?”

Brooke muttered something that sounded an awful like a curse word before starting to argue, “that’s a matter of opinion and–” before Brooke could finish Reece grabbed her arm and landed four rapid swats to Brooke’s bottom as she led her into the bathroom. Shutting the door firmly behind them, Reece pointed to the toilet seat, “sit.” Brooke took one look at Reece’s stern look and sat, confusion etched into her features as she watched Reece rifle through the cupboards.

With a slam of the cupboard, Reece unwrapped a bar of soap and lathered it under the warm stream of water. “Open your mouth,” Reece ordered.

Brooke’s pleading look was met with a warning look from Reece. Not daring to push anymore, Brooke opened her mouth and allowed Reece to insert the bar of soap. Knowing instincts would kick in, Reece held Brooke’s chin and proceeded to wash her mouth out thoroughly as tears started to stream down her face. With three final swipes, Reece removed the bar of soap and let go of Brooke’s chin, “rinse.” Brooke’s head disappeared into the sink bowl as she placed her mouth under the tap, desperate to get rid of the soap taste. Allowing Brooke two rinses, Reece lead her back to her room and sat her on the bed, “are you ready to check that attitude or do I need to spank you as well?”

Brooke flushed and felt that familiar feeling roll through the very core of her being. Embarrassed by her reaction Brooke stammered, “I don’t, I mean you don’t, I uh, I’ll be respectful.”

Reece disappeared out of the room momentarily and was pleased to find Brooke in the exact position she had left her in, “I know your shoulder is hurting and you’re scared, but you need to fix that attitude permanently. If I hear you speak like that one more time, to anyone, I will put you over my knee and spank you before I wash your mouth out with soap. I mean it Brooke, anything more from you and you can add sitting to your list of hardships.” Rather than answer, Brooke found her attention drawn to the item in Reece’s hand. Smiling to herself, Reece placed the wooden hairbrush on the nightstand, “as a reminder of how I will spank you if you don’t reign in your attitude, the hairbrush will stay here until you get your MRI results back, understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” Brooke responded, her eyes still transfixed on the hairbrush.

“What will happen if you get an attitude Brooklyn?”

Brooke felt herself blush and squirm under Reece’s unwavering gaze. “I uh will. I mean uh you um will uh spank me with the hairbrush.”

Reece mussed Brooke’s hair before moving towards the bedroom door, “right, but if you behave you won’t have to worry about the hairbrush. Sawyer and I are heading out to Cameron’s for dinner, we’ll see you in the morning.”

Brooke grinned, “out all night, eh? Make good choices.”

Eyes smiling, Reece spoke with a mock sternness, “you should heed your own advice little girl.”

Once Reece had left, Brooke sat back at her desk to complete her assigned readings. After ten minutes of rereading the same line, Brooke threw her pen on the desk and let her mind wander to the day she had moved in with Reece and Sawyer. After playing league hockey for a few years, she was approached by Cameron to play university level hockey. Brooke was burning out and one injury in particular was nagging her; she knew the time was right to explore her options. Cameron’s offer of a full scholarship closed the deal for her but it came with one small condition; she would live with two of Cameron’s closest friends. Apparently the stories about her off-ice antics had travelled across the country and reached Cameron’s ears since the condition was non-negotiable. A week before the semester was set to commence Brooke arrived at that familiar Victorian house with her life packed into two suitcases and a backpack.

Five months earlier

After showing her around the house, Reece and Sawyer gave her the space to unpack and adjust to the new living arrangements. Quickly unpacking, Brooke changed into her running gear and grabbed her music. Quietly letting herself out of the house, Brooke smiled as she took off down the road; as long as she could run her life here would be bearable.

After being gone three hours, Brooke swung back onto her road for the home stretch and sprinted to the house in record time. She opened the door and the smell of cooking wafted towards her. As she made her way towards the kitchen, she saw Sawyer cooking up a storm and Reece watching from her seat at the table. Reece was known on campus as a tough but fair professor who took a strict approach with her students, earning her the respect of her students and a large following on campus. Her beauty didn’t go unnoticed either and there was always a long line of eager students waiting to speak with her about anything they could think up. At 5”10, Reece had striking features; long legs, and an air of confidence that was always framed by the trendiest clothes. Today was no different; as she unfolded herself her mid thigh skirt slid up her legs and her silken blouse clung to her body. However, at this moment, her beautiful features were starting to cloud over as a stern look set in.

Brooke bounded into the kitchen, oblivious to Reece’s demeanor. “Dinner looks amazing. I didn’t know you could cook.”

Reece surveyed Brooke and realized the she was being sincere; she had no idea how worried they had been. “You must be hungry. Why don’t you run up and take a shower, everything should be ready by then.”

“Okay, great!” Brooke shot the up the stairs, grabbed clothes, and jumped into the shower. Within ten minutes, she was running down the stairs, spinning around the handrail, and hurrying towards the dining room.

Sawyer laughed and spoke kindly, “slow down Brooke.” Blushing Brooke shrugged her shoulders and grabbed a plate. Each of them filled their plates and sat down in the formal dinning room. “Are you settling in okay?”

“Yeah. I went running in the ravine, is there a large trail network back there?”

Sawyer smiled and noted the change of topic, “yes, there are numerous trails back there since the ravine pretty well runs the length of the city. You did well not to get lost in there.”

Brooke gave another shrug, “I didn’t go in that deep.” Reece had been watching the interaction, zeroing in on Brooke’s answers, or lack thereof, and the change of topic. She looked at her beautiful wife, wondering if she had noticed as well. She shook her head, of course she did. Sawyer was perceptive as hell. Standing 5”8 with brown hair and grey eyes, Sawyer exuded a warmth that drew people to her. Reece had watched Brooke be drawn in from the moment she arrived at the house, often favouring to ask Sawyer something rather than Reece. Reece smiled inwardly, what Brooke had yet to experience was that Sawyer could be far stricter than Reece if crossed.

“You could have easily gotten lost and Reece and I had no idea where you went. Do you think that was a safe thing to do?” Feeling like she was being reprimanded, Brooke kicked at the table leg and focused on eating rather than responding. Reece decided this was the perfect opportunity to go over the house rules.

“I know Cameron’s given everyone on the team general rules to abide by but you will also have house rules. Why don’t you walk us through Cameron’s rules and then we will go over the house rules,” Reece said.

Caught off guard, Brooke gave a momentary blank look before collecting herself. “Right, of course. The rules include no drugs, smoking, or drinking; curfew is 9 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends if I have a game or practice the next morning; attendance at games and practices is mandatory; and I have to keep my GPA in the B range. I think that’s it,” Brooke said with a frown, trying to recall any other rules that were brought up.

Reece spoke in an approving tone, “I think you covered it. Our rules build upon the ones you just spoke about so they shouldn’t be too hard to follow. Unless you have a game or practice the next day, curfew is 10 p.m. on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends; when you go out, you need to let Sawyer or I know where you are and when you will be back so we aren’t left worrying or wondering where you are; you will keep your area of the house clean and help with the day-to-day chores required to keep this house running; no lying, including lying by omission; and you will keep your grades up and attend every class.” Reece paused to let the rules sink in before continuing, “the lifestyle you live is a privilege Brooke, one that should not be taken for granted. If any of these rules are broken, there will be consequences and you will find that your lifestyle is no longer, shall we say, as comfortable.” Speaking in a softer tone, Reece continued, “I know Cameron will discipline you for any team rules you break, but you can expect that Sawyer and I will discipline you as well, this includes delivering a spanking if we deem it necessary. Is that understood?” As Reece spoke, Sawyer closely watched Brooke, trying to gauge her reaction. To her credit, Brooke did not seem at all taken aback by the rules.

“Yes,” replied Brooke, her mind working overtime.

“Brooke, when Sawyer or I ask you a question, we expect you to answer with yes ma’am.” Reece spoke gently, trying to put Brooke at ease. She knew this was a lot for her to take in but it was better that Brooke knew all their expectations.

Brooke fidgeted at the table for a moment before complying, “yes ma’am.” Both Sawyer and Reece smiled. Sawyer got up and touched Brooke’s shoulder on the way to the dishwasher.

“Reece and I are always here if you want to discuss the rules or consequences, they aren’t set in stone and we are open to adjusting if something isn’t working for you, okay? We also expect that you will come to us if you’re having any problems, whether it’s with the rules, your academics, or your athletics. Understood?” Sawyer asked.

“Yes,” the younger women spoke quickly, fighting to keep her tone casual. Realizing her mistake, Brooke quickly added, “ma’am” onto the end of it, much to the amusement of Sawyer and Reece. Brooke got up and started to clear the table, mine as well try to abide by the rules she thought.

Across the city, dinner had finished and Sawyer had joined Cameron in the kitchen to help with clean-up. Picking up a towel, Sawyer grabbed a plate to dry, “what’s going on with you?”

Cameron gave a tense smile and ran her hand through her short hair, “nothing.”

“I seem to recall that Reece and I used to discipline you for lying Cameron.”

Cameron coloured at the reprimand and the mention of her past. “That was a long time ago.”

“Not so long ago that I wouldn’t still consider putting you over my knee if I thought you deserved it.” Sawyer said evenly.

Cameron realized she was losing control of the conversation and tried to deflect Sawyer’s question, “how’s physio going with Brooke?”

Cameron.” The whip like warning had its desired effect and Cameron felt a jolt of energy course through her.

Cameron slammed the plate on the counter and threw the towel in the sink, “I’m in free fall! Apparently my communication is awful, Madison’s pissed over my commitment issues, and rather than deal with my problems I’ve been avoiding them by putting my energy into work so my work-life balance is shot to hell. Happy?!”

Sawyer calmly removed the plate and dishtowel out of Cameron’s reach. “Not particularly. I’m disappointed you didn’t come to me when you felt yourself starting to slip into old habits, most of these are things I’ve helped you with previously. I assume Madison knows nothing about Reece and I disciplining you?”

Cameron looked appalled, “No!”

“So you can add lying by omission to the list as well. She deserves to know Cameron, she’s your partner.”

Cameron shook her head, “it’s not relevant information to share. We don’t have a stable enough relationship to incorporate it into our lives anyway.”

Sawyer smiled in amusement, “I agree it wouldn’t be wise to incorporate that type of element into your relationship right now but that’s not what I meant. The arrangement you had with Reece and I worked well for you if I remember correctly. I think we should be the ones to discipline you for the time being.”

Cameron grabbed the dishtowel in frustration, “I can handle my own life without you having to watch over me. It’s not like you spank Reece.”

Sawyer leaned against the counter, “I didn’t say you couldn’t and you know very well I wouldn’t be “handling your life” Cameron. I’m willing to help you with certain aspects that you are having difficulty with in a way that works for you if it’s what you want. It’s your choice. As for the type of relationship Reece and I have, there have been times when I’ve helped Reece in certain aspects of her life and we are stronger for it.”

Cameron knew what she wanted but it didn’t make asking for it any easier, “you’re right it’s my choice. I want you to help me”

Sawyer wrapped her arm around Cameron’s shoulders, “always. But first you need to tell Madison.”

Madison sat silently processing everything Cameron had just told her. She felt confused and hurt that Cameron didn’t tell her this sooner. The discipline and spanking aspects didn’t matter, as long as it worked for Cameron who was she to judge, for God’s sake at least she is willing to accept her issues and work on them she thought. Wrapping her arms around Cameron, she brought her in for a quick kiss, “I’m okay with this but don’t you ever hide anything from me again. If this is going to work, I need to trust you Cameron.”

The misery on Cameron’s face was evident, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

Madison rose off the couch, “come on, let’s go find Reece and Sawyer, I’m sure they’re worried.”

Relief flooded through Reece and Sawyer as they saw Madison and Cameron walk towards them hand in hand. Madison smiled, “I’m quite sure I’ll have questions for you eventually, but for right now I want to thank you for helping Cameron.”

Sawyer drew Madison into a hug, “always, we’re here for both of you. Now that’s settled, why don’t we go back inside and have dessert.”

The room filled with laughter and stories, causing the tension to evaporate momentarily. Once the dessert was done and the dishes were put away, Reece stood up and put on her coat. “Madison, why don’t you and I go for a walk around the park so these two can have a discussion in private.”

Cameron bolted upright and looked incredulously at Sawyer. Ignoring Cameron, Sawyer turned to a clearly worried Madison and smiled reassuringly, “it’s okay Madison, the worst Cameron will have is a sore bottom for a day or so.”

When the door shut firmly behind the two women Sawyer turned to Cameron, “I want you to go stand in the corner and think about the decisions you’ve been making lately.” Sawyer knew from previous experience that corner time was essential for Cameron to calm down and collect her thoughts.

Fuming, Cameron placed herself in the familiar corner in the living room and put her head against the cool wall. My decisions were just fine before you decided to take an interest, Cameron thought angrily.

Satisfied Cameron was going to stay in the corner, Sawyer retrieved a wooden spoon from the kitchen and placed it on the coffee table before sitting on the couch. “Come here Cameron.”

Cameron spun around and glared at Sawyer, “why? So you can spank me for every wrong thing you think I’ve done in the last two years?!”

Sawyer wasn’t surprised by Cameron’s reaction; she knew it would be difficult for her to accept her punishment. Determined to snap her out of her current mindset, Sawyer grabbed Cameron’s upper arm and spun her around, delivering five hard swats to her clothed bottom.

“Since you’re not ready to have this conversation right now you’re going to get ready for bed and while doing so, you’re going to focus on reigning in that temper. I’ll be ensuring you follow instructions this time since that seems to be another thing you’re struggling with. Let’s go.” Sawyer led Cameron upstairs into the master bathroom and started the shower. An amused Cameron waited for Sawyer to leave before undressing. Rather than leave, Sawyer pointed to the glass shower stall where water was cascading out of the rain shower, “you have nothing I haven’t seen before, in you go.”

Cameron felt her cheeks colour and silently swore. Her bottom was still smarting from the swats and she knew if she argued Sawyer would spank her and then make her take her shower. Under Sawyer’s watchful gaze, Cameron slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down over her hips, stepping out of them, she slid her shirt off her shoulders and removed her tank top to reveal her toned body. Sawyer left Cameron momentarily to retrieve a magazine from the bedroom before returning to the bathroom. Pushing herself up onto the counter with her magazine, Sawyer suppressed a smile as she noted the matching lace panties and bra; clearly Cameron had anticipated her night ending very differently. Removing her bra and panties, Cameron stepped under the warm water and tried to ignore that a fully clothed Sawyer was in the bathroom as well.

As hard as she tried, Cameron couldn’t stop the familiar feelings rising inside of her; before shutting off the water, she asked Sawyer for permission. Could it be that I’ve finally gotten through her stubbornness, Sawyer mused. With a nod, Sawyer grabbed the towel beside her and handed it to Cameron who quickly covered herself and proceeded to brush her teeth.

In the bedroom, Cameron quickly put on a tank top and pair of boxer shorts. Sawyer gestured to the nearest corner, “let’s try this again.”

When Sawyer was satisfied Cameron would stay in the corner she went downstairs and retrieved the spoon. Cameron hated being made to stand in the corner since there was no way to avoid thinking about the chaos she had created and the impact her actions were having on the people she loved. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sawyer laid the wooden spoon within reach and directed a very unhappy Cameron to stand before her, “why are you about to go over my knee like a naughty girl?”

Drawing a deep breath, Cameron spoke shakily, “I haven’t been taking responsibility for my actions, I’ve avoided dealing with my problems, and I didn’t seek out help from you and Reece when I needed it.”

Sawyer patted her thigh, “good girl, now over my knee.”

Cameron reluctantly placed herself over Sawyer’s knee, positioning herself so the bed supported her arms and legs. Gently grasping Cameron’s hips, Sawyer shifted her so that her bottom was raised even higher; the position had the necessary impact on Cameron as a mixture of apprehension and vulnerability fill her. Sawyer placed her hand on Cameron’s bottom and started to lecture, “the way you have been behaving lately is unacceptable. Everyone goes through hard times but it’s how we act when things get difficult that is imperative. You do not avoid your problems and you take responsibility for your actions.” Sawyer started to spank the thinly clothed bottom with her hand, making sure to evenly distribute the spanks. “If you do not take responsibility then you cannot make changes or ask for help; both of which you need to do in order to grow as a person. You have twenty-four hockey players who look up to you as their coach, including Brooke. How can you be the person they need you to be if you’re not taking care of yourself!? I expected more from you Cameron.” Sawyer started to spank harder, watching Cameron’s bottom bounce in response.

Cameron was used to dealing with pain from her years as an athlete so the spanking thus far was more of an annoyance but the verbal reprimand left her smarting. Sawyer noticed Cameron’s body become rigid and knew instantly that she was trying to close her out. That’s not going to happen little girl, Sawyer thought grimly. Sawyer grasped the waistband of her boxers and easily slipped them down to mid-thigh before she started to land firm spanks on Cameron’s bottom. “Do not close me out Cameron, you know better than that.” Sawyer punctuated her point by spanking the tops of Cameron’s thighs, turning the pale, white skin red and causing the girl to squirm.

“How many times have I told you to come to me if you felt yourself slipping into old habits, hm? The next time you even think about incorporating these bad habits into your life again, I want you to remember this spanking.” Sawyer picked up the wooden spoon and rested it on Cameron’s bottom before lifting it and bringing it down swiftly, a resounding CRACK filling the room. Raising the spoon again, Sawyer began to increase the pace of spanking as she peppered Cameron’s bottom with sharp spanks.

“Clearly you need rules in your life right now, which I will be setting. I expect to see a drastic behaviour change going forward young lady, and if I don’t, I will not hesitate to paddle your bottom. Do I make myself clear?” Sawyer continued to land spanks, causing Cameron to squirm as the heat started to spread throughout her bottom.

“Yes!” Cameron gasped.

Sawyer assessed Cameron’s deep red bottom to ensure she was evenly applying the spoon. “I know you struggle with communication so I want you to keep a daily journal and write down what you are struggling to verbalize. I won’t read what’s in the journal but I will be checking to make sure you’re keeping up with it.”

“Fine, whatever you want, just stop! Sawyer stop, please, it hurts!” Cameron swore her ass was on fire.

Sawyer quickly wrapped her arm around Cameron’s waist before she could slide off her lap, “don’t even think about it young lady. You need to settle down before you find yourself on the receiving end of my paddle.”

Cameron whimpered but did as she was instructed.

“I also want you to go back through your notes from that communication course you took and start incorporating those tools into your day-to-day life.” Despite delivering lighter spanks with the spoon, Sawyer noticed Cameron shudder as sobs started to wrack her body.

“Yes ma’am.”

Sawyer slowed the spanking and eventually rested the spoon on Cameron’s bottom, “as for work, you will go back to working regular hours and if you need to work overtime, you will let Reece or myself know. I’ve seen you burn out because of work before and it’s not going to happen again. Understood?”

A small sob escaped Cameron’s lips, “understood.”

Putting the spoon down, Sawyer watched as Cameron attempted to lift herself off of her lap. A sharp swat made Cameron drop back onto her thighs. “We still have some talking to do.”

Sawyer lifted Cameron’s tank top and started to rub slow circles into Cameron’s back. “For now, communication and achieving a work-life balance are the only two things that you are going to focus on, okay? And if you feel yourself starting to spiral out of control again, I want you to come to Reece or I right away.”

Lifting her hand off of Cameron’s back, Sawyer pulled her onto her lap. Cameron hunched over, trying to cover her face in her arms as she struggled to control the sobs. “Cameron we’ve been over this, crying doesn’t make you weak.” Unmoved, Cameron sat hiding her face as she focused on breathing. Empathizing with Cameron’s discomfort, Sawyer didn’t move her arms; instead she focused on murmuring reassurances in her ear and holding her close. Eventually Cameron disentangled herself from Sawyer and gave her a hug, whispering “thank you” in her ear.

When Madison and Reece entered the house, they saw Cameron lying on her stomach on the couch and Sawyer sitting in the chair, both were watching TV. Sawyer flipped off the TV and stood, “how was your walk?”

“Good, it was nice to get fresh air.” Reece put her arms around her wife and smiled at Cameron, “from the looks of things, it seems everything went well here.”

Cameron blushed and stood up, wrapping her arms around Madison.

Once Sawyer and Reece had let themselves out, Madison turned to Cameron. “I want to examine you to make sure there’s no damage.” Cameron understood Madison’s worry and readily complied with her request by slipping off her boxers and returning to the couch. Madison took her time examining Cameron and realized she was looking at nothing more than a well-spanked bottom. Sawyer had done an exceptional job making sure Cameron’s whole bottom was evenly spanked since every inch of it glowed the same red hue but yet there was no bruising or breaking of the skin. Who knew spanking was an art form, Madison thought smiling.

Madison let out a sigh of relief as she sat beside her girlfriend; Cameron really was okay. Looking into Cameron’s eyes, Madison realized this was the most relaxed and content she had ever seen Cameron; it was almost like the stress of the past few months had evaporated.

The End


11 thoughts on “Free Fall

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the relationship between Cameron and Sawyer and hope you go on to explore the nature of the varied Top/sub interconnections of the other characters in
    this excellent series.


    1. Thanks Hupo, I’m glad you enjoyed the story! This was by far the most challenging story for me to write so it’s nice to hear it worked out and you enjoyed it! I’m definitely going to continue to explore the interconnections of the other characters and see where it goes. 🙂


  2. Hi Beck,
    I enjoyed all your stories! These are great characters and I like their names too. Look forward to more tales from ya.
    Btw, do you mind if I linked you on my blogroll?


  3. It’s nice how you’ve touched upon the difficulties anyone — top, bottom, or switch — and any couple can face. I like the loving energy between all of them, and enjoyed seeing all the details filled in. Lots of potential there for more “history,” methinks! 🙂


  4. Hi….
    What a great Story!!!!! i enjoy it very much and the characters are wonderful.i can’t wait for what gonna happen at vacations!!! But i think that the punishment was a little too much 😕


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